• Musical Electronics Repair – Northwest Organ offers service and repairs on mixers, digital mixers, keyboards, organs, speakers, amps, pedals, & all other P.A. gear. We have a fully trained staff that can meet your electronic repair needs. We can repair most any brand of equipment & are an authorized repair center for the following brands: Korg, Marshall, Vox, Roland, Ampeg, Yamaha, Epiphone, Gibson, Fender, Kawai, SWR, Kustom, Line 6, Mackie, Peavey, Crate, Samson, Tapco, Nord, Phonic, Allen & Heath, Kurzweil, Suzuki, Boss, & Gallien Krueger.
  • Surround B&F Speaker Repair – Northwest Organ offers reconing, refoaming, diaphragm replacement, and tinsel lead replacements! In some instances, repairing the speaker is more cost-effective than replacing it entirely. Give us a call with your make and model of speaker to see if we can repair it!
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    *Click the pictures to the left for a close-up of work we’ve done in the past*
  • Organ Repair – Northwest Organ also offers on-site service on home & church organs. Our technicians travel all over the northwest and would be happy to make a trip to your location. We are an authorized service center for Allen Organs & have experience repairing most organ brands. Give us a call to schedule a repair.


  • In shop – $100/hour – Pro-rated per 1/4 hour once past minimum charge

    Minimum Charge (in shop) (30 minutes or less) – $100 for keyboards & large format mixers, $60 for all other units

    Rush fee (in shop) – $50 for keyboards & large format mixers, $30 for all other units

    Walk-In parts minimum – $15 cash

    Service Call – $120/hour (plus trip charge based on location)

*Before bringing in equipment for repair, be sure to check these different things in order to avoid unnecessary repair expenses.

Noise in signal?

-Check cables and try other input cables to see if the cable is faulty.
-Try a different source (instrument, microphone, etc.) to determine if the source is the problem and not the cable or unit.

Won’t turn on?

-Check the fuse to see if it’s blown (if there is one accessible).
-Try a different power cable
-Make sure the outlet the unit is plugged into has power.

Functions of unit aren’t working correctly?

-Some features may only work in certain conditions. Be sure to read the owner’s manual to make sure you are operating the unit properly.