The Organ Loft

The Organ Loft has many fine previously owned organs rotating through our showroom floor. They are checked and serviced by our in-house technicians and are ready for pickup or delivery. These organs are suitable for church or home use. Our current inventory includes new Allen and Hammond organs and a very large selection of used classical, gospel, and theatre organs. We also have several models of used Hammond organs with compatible Leslie speakers in stock. Please scroll down to view each model and description.











Allen ADC-5000 – SOLD

  Allen ADC5000

This 6 channel digital organ by Allen is a great instrument for the price. The great manual has American Classic & French principal choruses. Both manuals have a nice compliment of flute stops including mutations. There are three celestes making it ideal to play romantic literature. This organ comes with a card reader that allows the organist to increase the tonal capability of each division. It also has a locking two memory system and an AGO 32 note pedal board. Transposer and music rack light are included. Ten general pistons (general duplicated by toes stud) and six pistons for each division are standard on this model. This is a fairly large organ and is a great value for the money. Dark walnut stained console.

Allen MDC-20 – SOLD


This Allen MDC-20 digital organ with its compact size would make an ideal instrument for home practice or for a small church.







Technics GN3

  Technics Gn3  

This spinet style instrument with two 49 note manuals and one octave of pedals has several piano, traditional organ, as well as orchestral sounds. It also features a rhythm unit with 32 rhythm patterns (polka, waltz, etc.). This organ also has MIDI capabilities, 8 customizable presets to set the entire organ, and a floppy disk recorder with playback. This organ has lots of different sounds to suit several genres of music. Feel free to come and try it out!


Rodgers 725 –SOLD

  Rodgers 725  

This Rodgers instrument is an affordable analog organ for a small church on a limited budget. It has a standard AGO 32 note pedal board. The piston layout on this organ makes this organ unique; The 8 general pistons are divided with four on the left side of middle C and four on the right side of middle. There are 4 divisional pistons for each division. Included is an 8 semitone transposer, 2 locking memories, a swell pedal and a crescendo pedal. New LED music rack light included.


Rodgers 115 – SOLD

  Rodgers 115 (5/14/16)  

They have clear lighted music racks, one expression pedal and 3 factory presets. Each instrument is provided with a set of external speakers. Full manuals, an AGO pedal board, and a classic stop list make either of these instruments suitable for a church setting or in the home as a practice instrument.






Rodgers 321

Trio Rodgers Speakers  

This Rodgers 3-manual theatre organ would be a great addition to your home. This organ has a full pedal board and an array of stops including a mechanical glockenspiel. It comes with two speaker cabinets, one of which is a rotary speaker. The other cabinet has a nice black grill cloth to cover the speakers (not pictured). Come in and play it today!





Hammond B-3

Black Ebony finish Hammond B3 with matching pair of Leslie 122’s coming soon!


Hammond B-3









Hammond B-2

Hammond B2

Like its big brother the B-3, the Hammond B-2 is a very versatile organ. Essentially, the B-2 has every feature that the B-3 has except for percussion. This B-2 would be a great church or home organ. It is equipped with a Trek II solid state pre-amp and reverb unit. Come in and play it today!






Hammond C-3

We have two C-3 Hammond organs in stock. The organ pictured has been modified. It has a Trek SS pre-amp & a 100 watt power amp along with a reverb unit. The auxilary input jack allows the performer to play other instruments using the organ’s power amps and speaker. This unit comes with an external speaker. Our other C-3 has a kit equipped to run an optional 122 or 21h Leslie speaker.







*New 122 (Several Other Models Available)

147 & New 122  

This Leslie is a great match-up for Hammond organs. The new 122 has an incredible, rich sound and would accompany a B3 well. Feel free to call for our current Leslie inventory as it can change.






Hammond Tone Cabinet


This is a Hammond tone cabinet. It is an original amplified speaker system for vintage Hammond consoles. We have several different styles and finishes in stock.









Conn Pipe Speakers

Conn Pipe Speakers  

These Conn pipe speakers would be a great add-on to the sound of your organ’s speakers. They are also great if you are desiring the look of a pipe organ. As you can see from the photo, we have several sizes and shapes in our store stock.