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The officals of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes in Spokane, Washington realized their organ requirements were unusual. In addition to their two existing pipe organs & carillon, they desired a third organ for even greater musical versatility. Two identical consoles were specified, one at either end of the sanctuary. Each Console was to be equipped with MIDI and capable of controlling all three organs. After an exhaustive search, Cathedral officials found the Allen Organ Company uniquely suited to meet their extraordinary demands.

With of cost of pipe organs rising each year making it difficult for many churches to afford, hybrid organs are becoming a popular option.

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, St. Matthew in Spokane installed a 2 manual full antiphonal Allen Protégé L226E. This instrument was dedicated on October 14, 2012. Music played at the dedication service included hymns along with organ works by French, American, English, and German composers. Take a listen with our video ->

Congratulations to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in CDA on the purchase of their new Allen L331DK with anniversary package, navigator, and full antiphonal. To see and hear the capabilities of this organ, watch our video on the right!

Home Theater Installation

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints | Spokane, WA

Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church Spokane, WA

Bishop White Chapel Gonzaga University Spokane, WA

Coulee Dam Community Church Coulee Dam, WA

Congratulations to St. John’s Lutheran in Laurel, Montana on the purchase of an Allen L-122 in celebration of their 100th anniversary. The organ is located in the rear gallery and speaks into an “A” frame sanctuary. The instrument is used to lead the congregation in traditional Lutheran Services.

Ahlborn Galanti rear of church

Grangeville Holy Trinity Episcopal Grangeville, ID

Mary Immaculate Queen

Mary Immaculate Queen in Rathdrum, Idaho found that a previously owned Rodgers 110 organ fulfilled the congregations’ needs and fit within their modest budget. This church conducts traditional Catholic masses in Latin. The organ will be used for leading the congregation as well as accompanying a talented youth choir.

A previously owned Allen organ was recently installed at St John’s Lutheran Church in Deer Lodge, Montana. The console for this 2 manual instrument is located in the front of the sanctuary & leads the congregation in hymn singing during a traditional Lutheran service.

Another Allen organ has made its way to Montana. A new Bravura L-10 two-manual instrument was delivered to St John’s Lutheran Church in Fort Benton, Montana. The purchase of this organ was made possible by a generous donor coupled with congregational donations to lead the congregation in traditional worship services.